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For physicians and therapists in a rehabilitation related domain it is virtually impossible to keep up to date with recent advances by reading all relevant research papers in the hundreds of journals available.

The smartphone application MediGrip is aimed to help physicians, therapists and researchers to keep up to date with the most relevant and interesting results in research.

MediGrip covers fields such as rehabilitation medicine, physical medicine and physiotherapy, sports medicine, exercise physiology, rheumatology and orthopedic surgery.

MediGrip essentially is a tear off calendar, that is available on your smartphone.

This tear off calendar provides a headline, a commentary and links of recent research papers on a daily basis.



Official CME application of ISPRM

MediGrip is an initiative of the Erasmus Rehabilitation Expert Network in close cooperation with international organizations such as ISPRM.

Seven editors of Erasmus MC in close cooperation with seven international experts are responsible for the content of the seven domains that are covered in the seven days of the week. Every single day one article, with interesting content, will be published on the MediGrip platform.


Acute Medical Rehabilitation


Every day MediGrip will address a different domain. The chosen domains are:

  • Sports and exercise physiology

  • Neurorehab (MS, etc)

  • Neurotrauma (TBI, SCI, etc)

  • Trauma (multitrauma, amputation, hand trauma, etc)

  • Musculoskeletal (degenerative, osteoporose, inflammatory)

  • Pediatrics (CP, Spina Bifida, Duchenne‚Ķ)

  • Other areas (Physiotherapy, Occupational, Nursing)




Interferential current therapy is more effective than TENS and splint therapy in management of carpal tunnel syndrome


Contrary to adults, elderly people stop driving with increasing comorbidity.


Mild TBI is not a risk factor for long-term work disability.


Young adults with CP have low cardiopulmonary fitness and muscle strength


Persistent improvement in gait following treadmill training in Parkison's Disease patient with walking difficulties


Therapeutic ultrasound is the most widely used electro-physical treatment modality in clinical practice, but is it effective?


Bony surgery appears to be effective in preventing hip luxation in CP


A review of manually controlled instrumented spasticity assessments


Upper extremity nerve injuries are an important cause of permanent disability in combat-related injuries.